Government Fleet Management

Government Fleet Management

AndTechs is a mobile technology company that offers the best fleet management services for various organizations. Our primary mission is to meet client expectations with integrity and professionalism. For all technological solutions needed, AndTechs is where you should look. 

We cover the installation, service, and repair of the various hardware and software used in fleet management. This includes video telematics solutions such as dashcams and GSP trackers. 

With our efficient hardware systems and service experience, all telemetry data that you need is easily accessible. It includes an array of cameras, DRVs, other telematic devices, and a variety of sensors. The data you receive includes the location, speed, acceleration, engine information, faults, and distance covered by vehicles.

Available Video devices include:

  • Integrated ADAS camera. It combines critical ADAS functionality with a forward-facing HD camera for easy installation at affordable prices for striking visuals.
  • CP2-LTE. It is a 1080p video telematics camera with advanced and powerful LTE technology with real-time GPS tracking and image/video transfer.
  • CP4S 4-Channel DVR. It provides 360-degree visibility across four camera angles. It gives real-time location updates and uploads data ten times faster than 3G devices.
  • CRX 8-Channel Solid State Mobile HD DVR. The CRX system offers a full HD camera visual display in CCTV configuration for up to eight cameras.
  • Multiview Accessories. Other accessories installed help provide the best visual experience. They include a wide range of cameras and LCD monitors for video monitoring.

Our chosen software is robust and trustworthy; it is made to provide efficient remote communication and for the hardware system. Combine the following solutions to achieve a great level of efficiency in your company:

(AIDE) Artificial Intelligence Driving Events

It prevents errors, faults, and false positives that might be communicated to fleet managers and ensures that reliable and accurate information is transmitted.


With fleet operators in mind, we designed the Smartmail software to provide immediate information to fleet managers in case of incidents, accidents, or unsafe speeding/braking.


The Smartguard monitors the driver's behavior and any relevant incidents to reduce operational overheads.


Smartview delivers safety information for any incidents on the road for immediate response by the fleet manager.

How Telematics Work

First, you need to install the telematics application to get all fleet information on your phone, computer desktop, or laptop. All the telematics devices are present in a centralized point known as the Telematics Control Unit that holds said devices. The devices accumulate data that is then sent to the telematics cloud server/IoT cloud server. With the data stored in the cloud, any device with the application can retrieve the data, and all information is available for the end-users.

Also, AndTechs uses Motorola equipment for better communication and fleet management. Communication is very important in this business and can make or break a delivery. Make sure your communication process and mediums are of the highest quality by getting our AndTechs Motorola equipment.

Fleet Management Benefits

With fleet management at your fingerprints, these are the benefits that come with it:

  1. Monitors and communicates all driver behaviors.
  2. Generates reports to show where and when accidents occur and get possible solutions to them.
  3. Provides real-time audio and visual feedback and notifications when certain parameters are exceeded.
  4. Provides in-cab video footage to capture everything before, during, and after incidents.
  5. Drivers become more responsible and accountable during transportation due to monitoring.
  6. Rewarding employees is more accessible due to accurate scoring, thanks to driver and vehicle data.
  7. Eliminates theft and waste through monitoring and safety features.
  8. Reduces costs associated with running a business thanks to fuel usage and maintenance history reports.


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Everything you need to know about your workforce is right here.

With real-time data and video footage, you can stay on top of what is happening with your fleet remotely. It's the next best thing to actually being there. Which is virtually impossible when you have a fleet of multiple vehicles.

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