Solutions for Utilities Fleet Management

Utility Fleet Management

Are you looking for a solution to ensure your vehicles are safe, well maintained, and operating effectively? AndTechs is a mobile technology company specialized in SmartWitness IoT, GPS, and camera systems for your various fleet management needs. We sell, install, and service IoT GPS and camera systems. We also offer a remote start monitor system to guarantee your fleet is always ready to respond to emergencies.

Utility fleet management entails directing, planning, and overseeing fleet assets while optimizing your business operations. With utility fleet management, your company will gain from improved visibility, be much more productive, and come closer to your ultimate goals. You will have more control over fleet operations to improve and expand your business functions.

AndTechs Utility Fleet Management Solutions

At AndTechs, we understand the challenges of managing a fleet of vehicles across different types of terrain. The demands of your fleet must be satisfied quickly and remotely to keep your business moving forward. AndTechs offers solutions to help fleets speed up their operations and improve safety. Our in-car system includes a variety of vehicle monitoring remote capabilities. 

The fleet management services available at AndTechs will help you with:

Fleet monitoring

Track your vehicle, your drivers, and their performance remotely. Our services will help you keep track of vehicle locations, speed, fuel level, and behavior. Get alerts if the vehicle deviates from route, speeds up, slows down, and more.

Incident Management

If an incident occurs, get real-time alerts on the situation through your mobile app or web portal - get help to customers quicker. The incident management services incorporate a remote engine shut down option to prevent accidents before they happen.

Fleet Maintenance Scheduling

Schedule regular maintenance visits based on mileage or time intervals. Keep access to past reminders and performance data to prevent future breakdowns. Enrich business analytics with data about your fleet customers, including traffic behavior patterns based on GPS location data.

Fleet Analytics

Gain analytical knowledge about fuel consumption, speeding, and route tracking. Evaluate driver performance based on driving behavior, average speed, idle time, distance driven, and engine shut down events to prevent speeding tickets.

Managing Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies are all too familiar in the automotive industry. With remote start capabilities, your staff can get behind the wheel of their vehicle very quickly, improving their reaction times to such emergencies. This further improves their efficiency and the ability to deal with medical emergencies on time.

At AndTechs, you can expect professionalism and quality with our fleet management solutions such as IoT GPS, camera systems, and remote starter monitoring. We will make sure you are satisfied with choosing AndTechs and if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.


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Everything you need to know about your workforce is right here.

With real-time data and video footage, you can stay on top of what is happening with your fleet remotely. It's the next best thing to actually being there. Which is virtually impossible when you have a fleet of multiple vehicles.

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