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DOT Compliance

When it comes to DOT compliance, you need to know how your business is going to operate. If you are a small company and do not have many employees, there might be no need for an extensive fleet management system. 

However, if your business has multiple vehicles that drive more than 10 miles per day on average, it would be wise to get in touch with AndTechs today to talk about our Fleet Management System! And if you end up using a fleet management system for your company, you’ll need to be DOT compliant and abide by the rules and regulations of the US Department of Transportation.

How To Stay DOT Compliant

To comply with the Department of Transportation requirements, it is best if all company vehicles have an odometer that records usage and mileage every time they are used. It is also necessary to ensure each car accurately registers information about its location at the time of use. This will help you guarantee zero tampering with vehicle odometers or speedometer systems, and ensure accurate mileage readings.

It's also crucial to record how long each driver spends behind the wheel every day. The fleet management system must keep these records accurately; if there are any DOT compliance issues about how long your drivers spend on the road each day or week, you will have accurate records of this.

Another way to ensure DOT compliance for your fleet management system is by utilizing a GPS-based Driver Behavior Monitoring System. This system tracks the driver’s speed and driving habits to ensure safety and compliance while on the road.

Other ways to ensure DOT compliance include:

  • Recording the location of the vehicle every time it is in use (we do this with our Vehicle Telematics System)
  • Collect mileage information every time a car is in use
  • Getting an annual safety inspection for each vehicle, including tires and brakes
  • Making sure that all employees are well-trained before they take any trips in company vehicles to ensure a safe and reliable ride
  • Providing drivers with the proper training each year to guarantee they are up to date on all of their DOT requirements
  • Maintaining a driver's log for each vehicle which includes all of the drivers' time and mileage records

AndTechs DOT Compliance Solutions

AndTechs can provide you with dashcams that record everything your drivers do on the road, as well as any accidents that may occur. This can later be used as footage to ensure DOT compliance. 

With these systems, you can see where your drivers have been and how fast they were going, even without asking them. It is a great way to ensure that all of your DOT compliance requirements are satisfied!

There are many ways with which AndTechs guarantees clients' fleets stay as compliant as possible. We know how important it is for your fleet of vehicles to function and drive efficiently, so we work hard to make certain that these vehicles are always on the road.

At AndTechs, we understand the importance of DOT compliance for fleet management within our client's businesses. We are here to help you create a fully DOT compliant fleet management system so all aspects of your business operations are tracked well.

Don't hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions about how AndTechs can meet all your fleet management needs! 













Everything you need to know about your workforce is right here.

With real-time data and video footage, you can stay on top of what is happening with your fleet remotely. It's the next best thing to actually being there. Which is virtually impossible when you have a fleet of multiple vehicles.

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