Fleet Safety

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Fleet Safety

Fleet safety is a significant concern for both drivers and managers. Drivers should always be mindful of road conditions to avoid accidents that might cause injuries or worse. As such, fleet management systems are a godsend because they minimize driving risk and improve safety.

This is done through the use of dashcams, GPS systems, and communication mediums (AndTechs Motorola XPR 6000e Series Two-Way radio). These are vital in guaranteeing all drivers are as safe as they can be from a distance; the rest is up to them. 

How Can Fleets Keep Drivers Safe?

Fleet managers are always looking out to protect their employees and assets. AndTechs have what it takes to help them do that. Fleet safety is crucial to any business with a mobile workforce. A fleet manager must quickly locate an employee who makes a record deviation from their regular route, fails to make a scheduled stop, or appears to be involved in an accident. Many factors can impact the safety of your drivers and employees, but here are our top three.


Inattentiveness is one of the most common causes of accidents involving trucks, cars, and other vehicles on American roads. Distractions often cause inattention within the vehicle, such as mobile phones, radios, GPS units, passengers, etc. Drivers who are not focused on the road or distracted by items within the vehicle often fail to see hazards early enough to avoid them.

AndTechs can help you reduce distractions by installing cameras that film inside and outside your vehicles. Using real-time alerts that are sent directly to your cell phone, our SmartWitness system can alert you to any irregularities occurring inside or outside the vehicle so that you can correct them before they escalate.


Exhaustion slows down reaction times, real-time driving assessments can turn out incorrect, and the ability to think diminishes. These effects, combined with shifting sleep patterns, increase the risk of having a fatigue-related accident.

AndTechs helps reduce fatigue with interior and exterior cameras. Real-time alerts get sent to your mobile phone and thanks to our SmartWitness system, you’ll easily know if your driver is fatigued, thus alerting him as soon as possible. 


Speeding is one of the leading causes of vehicle-related accidents in the United States. Going over the speed limit happens due to a vast number of factors including ignoring the speed limit, not knowing the speed limit, or not realizing how fast the vehicle is going. 

AndTechs fleet management solutions improve safety and can prevent speeding by sending valuable data back to the fleet manager who can then make informed decisions to stop an accident from happening. 

AndTechs Fleet Safety Solutions

AndTechs helps manage your fleet's speed with GPS trackers that send real-time alerts directly to your phone if vehicles exceed the speed limit by more than 3 miles per hour.

The last thing any fleet manager wants is an accident happening. AndTechs has developed an easy way for fleet managers to make sure their are obeying speed limits and using good driving habits when behind the wheel.

Additionally, you can download our free app on your phone or tablet that provides tips such as how much time should be spent in each speed zone, what sorts of distractions can cause accidents, and more! It'll also give feedback based on data collected from other drivers who use the same route. If any traffic accidents happen along the way, you will know without having to ask anyone.

If you have any questions related to the safety of your employees and vehicles, make sure to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out!













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With real-time data and video footage, you can stay on top of what is happening with your fleet remotely. It's the next best thing to actually being there. Which is virtually impossible when you have a fleet of multiple vehicles.

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