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Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking refers to a management system that relies on GPS tracking to assist you in monitoring the activity of your business assets and fleet vehicles. You can use it with both workers and company cars.

This also makes a significant difference when talking about productivity and efficiency, considering you can plan routes and make quick adjustments to said routes very quickly.

How Does Fleet Tracking Work?

GPS-based fleet tracking relies on telematics technology to gather information about the assets and fleet vehicles. Fleet tracking is recommended for business owners and fleet managers, as it actively collects data in real-time. 

Every vehicle connected to this solution will have a GPS tracking device attached to its OBD port. Business managers monitoring fleet movements can use this information to make strategic decisions about their daily operations.

Using the data obtained from the fleet tracking software, enables fleet managers to answer specific questions such as:

  • Where is our nearest crane?
  • Which vehicle is available right now for dispatch to another location?
  • Presently, how many generators have we sent out to a specific field?
  • Has a specific worker returned to the office from an offsite installation?

Knowing the answers to these questions quickly lets you make informed and realistic decisions with ease.

Why Should You Invest in Fleet Tracking?

Investing in an efficient fleet tracking system makes it easier for the business to improve certain aspects of its operations. The benefits that come with having such as system include:

  • An opportunity to improve the driving habits of your drivers by eliminating harsh cornering and reducing engine idling time.
  • Reduce fleet maintenance costs by routinely tracking all the vehicle’s diagnostic information
  • Improve fuel consumption and reduce fuel costs
  • Ensure compliance with FMCSA regulations, e.g., the ELD mandate and Hours of service (HOS).
  • Your fleet managers will enhance customer satisfaction and reduce the time wasted to dispatch workers and vehicles to specific locations.
  • Better planning and decision-making in terms of routes and roads used in transport

GPS fleet tracking is an essential part of fleet management. Without access to the right software, it becomes difficult to track your fleet effectively. Our software is capable of intelligently interpreting and analyzing the large amounts of data coming in every few minutes.

Once analyzed and interpreted, the software converts the data into useful alerts and information dashboards.

AndTechs Fleet Tracking Solutions

At AndTechs, we deal with new installations, maintenance, and repair of all current fleet tracking technologies. We are specialized in the following areas:

  • SmartWitness IoT: SmartWitness technology is an industry leader specializing in video telematics technology. We use this technology to help fleet managers and business owners mitigate claims, reduce risks, and improve the driving habits of their personnel.
  • Motorola Communications Equipment: Our experts will install and repair communication equipment devised to help you optimize service delivery. This equipment is used to help you track and accurately monitor deliveries, improve safety, and comply with regulatory requirements. Also, the communication process becomes swift and seamless.
  • GPS Fleet Tracking: These solutions are programmed to assist in increasing fleet visibility. They offer near-real-time tracking and a 360-degree view of the vehicle’s daily activities. 

Camera Systems for Vehicles: Our camera systems assist in protecting your company vehicles, surveying the exterior environment, and providing peace of mind regarding incorrect accident convictions.













Everything you need to know about your workforce is right here.

With real-time data and video footage, you can stay on top of what is happening with your fleet remotely. It's the next best thing to actually being there. Which is virtually impossible when you have a fleet of multiple vehicles.

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