Mobile Technologies for Fleet Management

Commercial Video and
Telecommunication Management Solutions

Manage your distributed workforce and company assets from the comfort of your office or wherever you happen to be. Take the job with you and have everything you need at your fingertips. Our services are valuable in a variety of industries, including school transportation, construction, trucking, and utilities.

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With over 20 years of combined military and civilian experience, AndTechs is your company's reliable partner to meet your fleet technology needs. We install, service, and repair all of the current technologies required for safe and efficient fleets.

Fleet Dash cams

Live video can help keep drivers safe while showing you what is going on on the road and inside the vehicle. Dashcams are a means to catch errors and deter crime.

Fleet Tracking

Know where all of your vehicles are at all times so you can plan and manage them better. Utilize GPS technology to its fullest potential.

Fleet Management

Know which vehicles are available at what time and their locations so you can improve profit, manage schedules, and place strategic plans with ease.

Fleet Safety

Eighty percent of accidents in this industry involve human error. Help mitigate those risks and improve your safety track record.

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Everything you need to know about your workforce is right here.

With real-time data and video footage, you can stay on top of what is happening with your fleet remotely. It's the next best thing to actually being there. Which is virtually impossible when you have a fleet of multiple vehicles.

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We Are There For You

Wherever you are, you can count on us to make your fleet management experience seamless and simple. We are there for you so you can be there for your drivers 24/7. We know that skilled, experienced employees are one of your most important assets.

Keep In Touch With Drivers In The Field

Our easy-to-use interface helps you stay on the line with your drivers. They are as necessary as the vehicles they drive and are a valuable source of information. Improve communication, build trust and keep schedules on-time more consistently with our systems.

Drivers can be kept in the loop for tracking important information about their vehicle and their work schedule. You’ll be able to get in touch with them at the press of a button. Studies suggest that a happy workforce is a more productive workforce. As such, supporting your employees and helping them get what they need to do the job is the best way to keep them productive and happy.

Know Everything You Need To Know About Your Fleet

Do you know what vehicles you have and where they are? Do you know when they are due for maintenance? Track all pertinent information about your fleet and improve profitability, safety, and other significant performance metrics. Choose which metrics to track and create custom graphs to help you better understand the data that matters most to your organization.

Keep Track Of Everything At Company Headquarters

Have everything you need to know available at your fingertips. Discuss it with the people who need to know and determine how to best deploy company assets to manage short-term issues and improve your bottom line. Stop waiting for critical information that you need now to make vital decisions. Get it live and have it when you need it so your business can keep up with the speed of life.

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Having the right people and the best technology will help you create the best fleet management experience. Creating an efficient fleet management system will help your organization in many ways. We are a reliable partner ready to meet your fleet’s technology needs. We install, service, and repair all of the current technologies required for safe and efficient fleets.

Who we are

We are industry insiders with relevant experience and education. We are committed to making this a positive experience for you and your clients.

What we do

We provide technology solutions for most personal and commercial applications. These include but are not limited to various fleet management solutions for utility, school, and transport fleets.

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Get the best product and best customer service available. We treat each client with honor, respect, and integrity.

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